Aloha! Inner guidance or whatever you want to call it is telling me that we need to be presenced in the structure of the Tzolkin on Day Out Of Time this year!!
Where there is a conscious, coherent container for planetary ceremony that everyone in the ceremony is present in their signature standing at some point in or on as the case may be, a giant Tzolkin in harmonic order… This will create a harmonically unified resonant field of coherent energy aligned in the divine blueprint 1320 making it conscious on 4 Star in Serpent Wavespell, using our life force/body wisdom to ignite the form of beauty, art and elegance so that by the astrological Grand T-square on July 26th we are in 1320 resonance, harmonically attuned…
This will create a “solar panel” of biological human consciousness that will –
set a wave pattern of unity and harmony  in motion and
Will allow us to become instruments of spirit, more cognitively available (no personality and ego organizing us)
It will benefit the greater planetary whole by stabilizing the unified field on the planetary surface, and the star beings will be able to interface with us differently…
The Tzolkin Harmonic Field is here to attune us to the Divine Blueprint so that we’re in resonance for this alignment… They say it’s like a Caterpillar Ball where all the caterpillars crawl in, reorganize themselves and become a butterfly/Avatar!!! We restabilize with our higher self,  ready to ride the wave of the planetary T square on july 26, red overtone moon, when all the other planets in our solar system are saying “go for it, break the old structures” inlakech…holy wow!
So Let’s Create these Living Tzolkin Ceremonies on The Day Out of Time, as human biological rainbow Solar panels all over the planetary surface together as companions of destiny!… reclaiming our birthright of enlightenment, activating the rainbow bridge and calling the star elders to return!!!
My inner voice keeps assuring me that this is innocent play and everyone already knows their part… just paint a big Tzolkin and decode the family at it’s simplest level… My experience in sharing this is that everyone seems to know it’s true and is ready to play their part… We all know that something different has to happen and the tzolkin IS the MATRIX that unifies and harmonizes all the planetary kin!
If you haven’t watched “Little Grandmother” 2010 Talk, I recommend you do ASAP! It’s so clear and inspiring about the changes THIS SUMMER, Now! pass it on!!

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (1 of 2) from Bob Keeton on Vimeo.

Vision Dancer

Yellow Rhythmic Star
Received on 12 human,

dragon wavespell long count
8 sun, skywalker wavespell dreamspell



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Galactic Activator working with the Mayan Calender!
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