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Galactic Activator working with the Mayan Calender!
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  1. Hosting ((“Day out of Time” and Calendar Reform initiative meeting Celebration”)) 30 Camelot Place Glenfield, Auckland New Zealand ..Tea, coffee, home biscuits, breads and cakes, open home all day plenty of 13.20 material, meditation and conversation.

  2. Hey beautiful people…
    A divine happening yesterday in the hills out the back of Byron Bay…
    A living tzolkin… NEARLY 260 people in a LIVING TZOLKIN buzzing away… shift happened… stay tuned for the video coming soon…
    some of the reports were sparkles, grounding, kundalini activations… I like the comment from one brother who had been so cynical in the lead up, saying to me ‘I really felt something different’ as he looked at me with incredulous eyes…
    Stay tuned for the video coming soon…
    blessed be what glory, what divine orchestration, what community,
    what love!!!

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