Is coming up this weekend ~ Saturday and Sunday ~ July 17th and 18th! Saturday  starts at the Temple of Peace  in Haiku at 8:30am ~ Please be on Time ~For a Conscious Convergence ~ CELEBRATION ~

To get a clear understanding of this collective CALL to intend Unity NOW, you might enjoy to watch this Interview with Carl Johan Calleman:

Then ON SUNDAY July 18th ~ I will be hosting along with Shelley Sage Heart a

Mandala Medicine Wheel Ceremony

A Living Collective Art Prayer ~ to anchor the NEW EARTH ~
Sunday Morning ~ July 18th, 2010
11:11am ~ Baldwin Beach ~ Maui Hawaii

Hosted by

and Visionary Artistry for Planetary Healing Project ~

This is an all day Collective ~ Mandala Medicine Wheel ~ Co-Creation Event!

Everyone is invited to come and participate in creating beauty, as a living prayer for our conscious evolution in the unified field!

Together we will anchor the planetary “Global Medicine Wheel”, with our LOVE and Clear Intent!

We welcome you to join us and to add offerings and your prayers and blessings through out the day…..Please bring something from nature to add to the creation it could be any of these things:

~flowers ~ crystals ~ rocks ~ shells ~ sand ~ dirt~ pine cones ~ nuts ~ seeds ~ beans~ pods ~ flowers ~ leaves ~ greens ~ sticks ~ corn meal… and your love and prayers!

Come spend the day with us, bring your bathing suit, drums, potluck, drinking water!

and if you can’t make it in person ~ you’ll still be there ~ spiral your prayers to use and we will weave them into the wheel!

About livingtzolkin

Galactic Activator working with the Mayan Calender!
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